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Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated Ring


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  • ¥30,000

All of the designs in the TABOO lineup exude a quiet confidence and natural rawness that will envelop you in the mystery and intrigue of contemporary Japanese culture. Each piece feels a little untamed and fiercely passionate from the coveted brain collection to the eyebrow-raising love collection.

Every item in the TABOO jewelry collection is handmade to order, uniquely for you. There’s no mass production line. Each piece is carefully crafted from design to casting and finish with the love and spirit of Ryosuke Yamahara himself. While you may have to wait a few weeks to receive your order, when it arrives you’ll understand why every piece is bespoke. There’s just something special about knowing this wearable art was created for you and you alone.

Ring Sizes

 When you order a ring from Abaeran Japanese Artisan Goods you'll need to let us know your exact ring size. All TABOO rings are designed in Japanese sizes #5~#20. The ring sizes in the drop down menu and the guide below converts these Japanese sizes to US, Canada Mexico UK, Ireland Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Switzerland. These sizes should be used as guides, as each ring size can vary depending on a wearer's finger conditions. There are several systems in use for denoting the sizes of jewelery rings around the world. So it is best that you confirm your size with your local jeweler to find a comfortable fit.

Product Features:

  • Handmade from 925 Sterling Silver, Black Rhodium Plated
  • There are pieces for every occasion and personality including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and keychains
  • Custom sizing is available
  • Orders are guaranteed to ship
  • Payment is required at time of order
  • Delivery time is 2-8 weeks from time of order

TABOO jewelry is a shining example of the adage “good things come to those who wait.”

To order your bespoke piece, choose your size and submit the advanced payment. You’ll receive confirmation of the order right away, and we’ll update you again in a few weeks once your jewelry is finished and shipped.

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